Sunday, August 24, 2014


Well, now that the 10 year anniversary box set is done (2 years late haha) I am due to make a thread with all my Remission stuff. I will start with my new clear box set...

 OK Got the pictures taken.. First up, the group shot. Every color available at this time is in this picture.

Blue /500 first press. Bill personalized/signed this, I am hoping the rest of the guys do in April.

Second press black /500. I bought this online as a first press, but it was not :/

Second press Gold /500. This one is signed by the whole band.

Second Press Purple /500. This is signed by the whole band.

Box Set Oxblood Red /1500. Mine is sealed, so there is a pic of it and a couple off of discogs.

 First Test Press 180 gram /15 (reported press #'s)

Both the first (/15)and second press (/13) tests together. The discogs info says /15 unconfirmed info, but for sure hand written on mine from Relapse was #7/13. I have since traded my second press one away.

 There you have it, Remission. Every color available, just missing some black versions (first and 5th press). 

CD versions I have...  Here are the 2 Remission deluxes.

Below is all the Remission CDs I have, left to right, top to bottom:

March Of The Fire Ants EP - Relapse Records CD, EP, Promo - USA
Remission - Relapse Records – RR 7215 - CD, Deluxe Edition, Reissue, Remastered - USA
Remission - Relapse Records – RR 6583-2 - CD, DVD, Deluxe Edition - USA
Remission - Relapse Records – YSCY-1020 - CD, Promo - Japan
Remission - Relapse Records – YSCY-1020 - CD - Japan
Remission - Relapse Records - Ritual Records – HWCY-1097  CD - Japan
Remission - Icarus Music – ICARUS 339 - CD - Argentina
Remission - Irond – IROND CD 07-1297 - CD - Russia
Remission - Relapse Records – RR 6583-2 - CD, Promo - USA

Here is the 6th press pink/black split, Bill Kelliher's picture, but I have it now:

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