Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lifesblood 7" EP

Discogs info

This is Mastodon's first EP, released in 2001 on CD and later on Vinyl in 2004 in two presses.
1st press of 1100 copies:
- 500 copies on black vinyl.
- 500 copies on red vinyl
- 100 copies on clear vinyl
2nd press of 1000 copies:
- 500 copies on blue vinyl
- 500 copies on black vinyl

There are also copies of Lifesblood vinyl pressed on blue swirl, pink/purple swirl & light purple/dark purple swirl. Apparently they are official but they are very limited because they are colors that have mixed with other colors thus making the odd vinyl. No official information about these copies is available. Also 4 test presses.

All the ones I have currently:

cool pic...
 The "boomer" variants.
 Clear and test press.
Standard first press colors.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Call Of The Mastodon

Reissue of "Lifesblood" EP, also containing 4 previously unreleased tracks from the same recording session. Samples found on the original Lifesblood recordings have been removed for the reissue.

Clear /100. I got this sealed from Relapse, but had to open it :)

White /300, signed by band.

Red /1500, second press, signed by band.(this I sold, but still have an unsigned one)

Clear with blue and gold splatter /1000, second press, signed by band.

Blue / Gold merge /500, second press.

There is also another red /1000 on the third repress, but I won't bother to double up on a color... not sure why they did.