Friday, December 21, 2012

Leviathan LP's...The White Whale

Here are the copies of Leviathan that I have, pretty much everything except the black represses (6th press was only black, I have a copy, the cover is used for my test) and the picture disc test press. Third and fourth presses were in a Stoughton Tip On jacket.

 Signed by the whole band, first press black 180 gram /500.
 2 copies of the first press test pressing.
 Front of the picture disc + poster.
 Back of the picture disc and poster.
 Clear first press /100.
 White first press /100.
 Turquoise first press /500.
 Blue first press /500.
 Black 180 gram first press /500.
 Marbled baby blue/white, second press /500.
Gold Translucent, third press /997
Red Translucent, third press /998
Green Translucent, third press, signed by band /999
Purple Marble Opaque, fourth press /504
Orange Marble opaque, fifth press /1364
Yellow/Red Sunburst, seventh press /401
Oxblood Red, eighth press /2014
White/Gold merge, eighth press /1010
Red/Gold/Blue Tri Color Split, eighth press /504
Aqua Blue, ninth press /996 
Grey, tenth press /1000
Gold, eleventh press /500
Pink, eleventh press /1000
Bone White, twelfth press /2000
CD'sLeft to right - top to bottom

CD Ritual Records HWCY-1182 Japan
‎CD+DVD Relapse Records RR6682-2 USA
CD Enhanced Relapse Records RR 6692-2 USA (Ozzfest edition)
CDr Promo Sampler (4 songs) Relapse Records RLP-6622-PS
CD Repress Relapse Records YSCY-1129 Japan
CD Del Imaginario Discos D.I. 099 Argentina
CD  Plyzen Records WPOC-0027 South Korea
CD Promo Copy Protected Relapse Records RLP-6622-PROMO USA
Blood & Thunder CD Single Promo Relapse Records USA
Iron Tusk CD Single Promo Relapse Records USA
Naked Burn CDr Single Promo W/Radio Edit Relapse Records USA

Seriously amazing album, a must have.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Blood Mountain LP's

Second press is the same as above, bit with this cover:
The 2010 RSD 2XLP jacket:

Then the third press below, I will take pictures of the back and the insert later.

Here are the copies of Blood Mountain that I have. I will update the pic to be like the other posts, missing from the pix is a sealed first press, and the blue/white splatter 3rd press.

All of the single LP versions as of now.

First press, 180 gram black /500 (flawless copy), clear /100 and red/blue /500. my 3 favorite "versions".

Second press yellow/red split /500 and third press red /1375...under it is a spare blue, I am saving that cover for when I get the test :)

Third press blue /1375, signed by the whole band, and first press white /1900, signed by the whole band.

Record store day 2010 2 X LP 180g 45 RPM version /2500. This one is sealed and perfect. I went through about 5 copies to get one without splits, these were horrible for that during shipping.

2010 repress, came on three colors, red, blue and this ultra rare white with blue splatter /250 (I have heard only /125 as well).

So, Blood Mountain. Awesome album, get it. I am missing the 2XLP test press and second press white /500.